Lately I’ve been on a hat-making kick. Grab a ball of yarn, start crocheting or knitting and a couple of TV shows or a movie later, I have a hat. OK, I’ll admit that sometimes it takes two movies to finish the hat, but they are still pretty quick. Good news: I’ve […]

Free Crochet Pattern: Avery Hat

Double knitting is one of those techniques that may seem out-of-reach to the average knitter. After all, how can you possibly knit two fabrics at once with only two needles? And adding a second color and patternwork surely must require a magic wand in addition to knitting needles. Fortunately for us […]

Double Knitting Workshop: Learn a New Skill

This post may contain affiliate links, which help support my day job but don’t cost you anything extra.  My 75-year-old neighbor called me one day and said, “Do you still do that knitting thing?” I admitted that I did, and she asked if she could come over for some help. […]

The Skills You Don’t Know