Crochet Stitch Workshop

Thanks for taking Crochet Stitch Workshop! I hope you enjoyed the class.

Please be sure to email me if you have any questions, and sign up for my Edie Eckman Stitchers group on Ravelry. I’ll look forward to seeing you again in another class!

Here’s the link to the symbol key page. Sorry it got left off!

Annie’s Craft Festival 2015: 

I talked briefly with a couple of people about the online Antique Pattern Library.

Stitches West 2012: The blogs I mentioned in class are Made in K-Town, where she is doing a 100-motif challenge from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs, and Sewing Daisies, where she made all 144 motifs from the book. Both are beautifully photographed and inspirational!

I have updated and corrected page 4 of the handout, with a new and improved (and hopefully correct!) Belted Stripes pattern. I added text instructions, and changed the stitch repeat. Email me if you have any problems with it.