Warm Up America! FI
Guest post by Sarah Guenther, Craft Yarn Council You may have heard of the Craft Yarn Council, but have you heard of Warm Up America!? WUA! is the Craft Yarn Council’s partner charity and collects handmade items that are knitted and crocheted by people all over the country for people […]

Warm-ing Up (Houston and) America

Pumpkin Pattern Roundup Featured Image
It’s Pumpkin Time! Here’s a round-up of some free and paid patterns to get you in the spirit of fall. Some are crocheted, some knit, some loom knit, and there’s even a garland that doesn’t require any stitch manipulation at all! May contain affiliate links. Enjoy! Pumpkin Patterns Spicy Knit […]

Pumpkin Pattern Round-Up

Sewing Apron Top
This page may contain affiliate links, which help support me, but don’t cost you anything extra. A little bit of sewing + a little bit of crochet = a lot of charm in this Vintage Touches Apron project. When Vickie Howell asked me to be on the “vintage touches” episode […]

How to Sew the Vintage Touches Apron, Part 1