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green/white and red/white mosaic knit hats, one with a tree motif and one with a snowflake motif, on featureless mannequin heads
Winter Mosaics Hats

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Edie Eckman
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“I like Edie Eckman right off the bat. She’s personable, organized, and enthusiastic…”

Franklin Habit

Teacher, Author, Designer & Illustrator

“I did not expect as much information as I received. Edie goes over all possible skills needed to become a good pattern writer. I learned everything from styling my documents to ideal ways to abbreviate and phrase my patterns… She … encourages you to create your patterns according to your specific audience and their skill level. Edie’s information is very organized and she is ready to answer your questions if you are stuck.”

Arina P.

after taking Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop online course