crochet crossword puzzle
Sharpen your pencil and your wits and give this crochet crossword puzzle a go! You’ll find clues about crochet techniques, plus people and events in the crochet universe. Click on the image above or scroll down for a printable copy.

Crochet Crossword Challenge

free Santa Hat pattern knit crochet
Get into the holiday spirit with these classic Santa hats. I designed them for Red Heart several years ago, and they are a perennial favorite. There’s a knit version and a crochet version, both topped with a generous pompom.

Free Pattern: Santa Hat

Today’s guest post by Kellie Nuss, friend of Edie, knitting instructor, designer and also…professional photographer. For knitters and crocheters in today’s media-centric world, photography has become part of our workflow. We make things, then we take photos and share them. Let’s talk about two ways to do that.

Show and Tell: Photographing Handmade Textiles