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Skewing Grannies

Not a punk rock band, but a Thing that Happens.

pastel granny square that isn't quite straight

Think of the classic granny square. For four or five rounds, it lies nice and squareish like this pastel square.

blue granny rectangle that is clearly skewed (not square at corners)

But if you keep going for round after round, it may start to look a bit like this blue blanket (which is a rectangle, not a square, but you get the idea).

This is a beautiful blanket but wouldn’t it be even better if it didn’t tilt on its axis? The skewing happens because each stitch sits slightly off center from the stitches above it, and the more rounds you work, the more exaggerated the effect becomes. Luckily there’s a solution.

Every few rounds replace the typical (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) granny square corner shown on the left with a (2 dc, ch 2, 4 dc) corner shown on the right.

It won’t be noticeable in the overall design but should re-align the sides. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Thanks to Raveler nursekimknits for providing such a great example of a Skewing Granny and for reminding me that this is a common problem. Got other problems that need solutions? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Skewing Grannies”

  1. I never have this problem because i was taught to turn my work at the end of each row. Your square stays square and each side looks the same, no right or wrong side.

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