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The Lonely Doll Knits a Scarf

Recently I discovered something that made me very happy: The Lonely Doll books are still in print. These picture books by Dare Wright were my favorite stories oh-so-many years ago. After all, the eponymous Lonely Doll is named Edith, and we Ediths have to stick together.

Of the several Lonely Doll books that I owned, my most favorite was A Gift from The Lonely Doll, in which Edith decides to knit a scarf for her friend, Mr. Bear. Because she wants to keep the gift a secret, she keeps the scarf hidden in a basket. There’s a not-so-surprise ending, but I won’t be responsible for spoilers. You’ll have to read the book yourself!

The Lonely Doll got me thinking about other picture books with good fiber-y content. I’ve rounded up a few titles here.



Charlie Needs a Cloak
 was especially popular at my house, because we actually had a Charlie.






I read Amos’s Sweater so many times, I still have parts of it memorized: “Amos was old, and Amos was cold and Amos was tired of giving away all his wool.” He really is a pretty grumpy old guy, but by the end of the story he’s no longer cold. Oops, I promised no spoilers.







Sheep in a Jeep, Sheep Go to Sleep, Sheep in a Shop, Sheep on a Ship (and others!) are classics and provide all the sheep rhymes you can stand. Read all of them and you’ll be dreaming of sheep, for sure.








I haven’t read this one, but can’t resist the rhyme.





 Adorable illustrations!

Now it’s your turn. Comment below with your favorite fiber-related picture book. I’m off to find a small person who would like to hear a story or two.

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