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National Craft Month: Experiments to Come

National Craft Month LogoMarch is National Craft Month. You’ll be seeing lots of advertisements about it, and all the big craft stores will be having sales and promotions around trying a new craft. The hashtag #Cre8time is where you’ll discover lots of fun projects and things to do.

To get into the spirit of things, I’m going to try a new craft each week. Along the way, I expect to not only learn something new, but remind myself what it’s like to do something I’m not good at.

What do I mean? Well, I spend most of my time, both working and non-working hours, either thinking about or actually doing crocheting and knitting. But apparently there *are* other crafts, and I need to try some of them. A girl needs a hobby. Don’t worry; I’m not going too far afield from my yarny roots.

Each Tuesday during March, I’ll share with you my successes and failures, sparing none of the sordid details of messy paint, or misplaced stitches, or whatever else happens. The tentative plan is to practice embroidery, shibori dyeing, sewing a custom T-shirt, and loom knitting. (Yes, I know I said “knitting”, but I’ve never tried loom knitting, which is entirely another craft. Right?) I reserve the right to change my mind, but I promise I’ll share the bad as well as the good.

What will you be doing to celebrate National Craft Month?

Use the  #Cre8time hashtag to share your projects on social media and join the creative movement.



2 thoughts on “National Craft Month: Experiments to Come”

  1. So glad you are going to try loom “knitting,” I saw a loom kit for sale at A.C. Moore here in Charlottesville and the price was so good I couldn’t not buy it. I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll wait for you to go first!

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