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Challenge Yourself with a Knitting Crossword

free knitting crossword puzzle

How much do you know about the knitting world? Not just the techniques, but the history, culture and events surrounding knitting?

Test yourself and your fiber friends with this knitting crossword puzzle.

Click on the image above or scroll down for a printable copy.

Here’s a sample of the 59 clues you’ll find:


1 ) Sock section

11) Lace knitting saver

30) “King” of yarn brands


3) Newest CYC-standard yarn weight

10) Left-leaning decrease

53) Mathematical shawl

Grab a pencil and give it a try, then check yourself with the online answer key.

And crocheters, you aren’t forgotten. There’s a crochet crossword as well!

7 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself with a Knitting Crossword”

  1. The URL for the answer key is listed on the printed instructions. There is also a link on this page; scroll up and see the “View Answer Key” button.

  2. There is only the answer key to the crochet puzzle available.
    Where is the one for the knitting crossword please?

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