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Knit Along: Custom-Fitted Gloves Part 3

How are your gloves coming along? If you have the fingers finished, it’s time to put them all together. If you are joining us a bit late, you can read about the knit along, get the pattern, see what we did previously, and knit along!

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Joining The Fingers

At this point, you’ve knit four fingers and a thumb. The stitches are on holders or needles as described in the pattern, The next part is probably the fiddliest bit of the entire glove; it gets much easier from then on.

Following the pattern instructions, knit the stitches in the order given, working from the waste yarn. Ignore the stitches on safety pin markers for now. You are only joining three fingers at this point: the index, middle, and ring fingers. Don’t fret about the holes between the fingers or the long yarn tails between the fingers. We’ll take care of those later.

For most people, these fingers are set up a bit higher than the little finger, so you’ll knit a few plain rounds around three fingers until they reach the base of the little finger. As you work, keep trying on the glove until you’ve reached the base of the little finger.

Joining the Little Finger

Now join the Little Finger in the same way you’ve worked the others, placing the stitches between the fingers on safety pin holders. You’ll now have four fingers joined together. Work around for several rounds until you reach the base of the thumb.

See that big mess between the fingers, with yarn tails hanging out everywhere, and those pesky stitches on holders between the fingers? Now’s the time to attend to them.

Graft the stitches at the base of the fingers, set aside the stitch holders, and weave in the ends  Once I grafted the stitches on the right side of the gloves, I turned the fingers inside out to weave in the ends. I made sure that I tightened up any holes left by the grafting before working the yarn tails diagonally along the wrong side.

You may be tempted to save this weaving-in until the end, but I encourage you to do it now. It is much easier to reach this spot now, before you knit the rest of the hand.

If you have trouble getting to the stitches, you can always put the hand stitches on a waste yarn holder while you weave in the ends.

Joining the Thumb

You know what’s next, right? The thumb! Join it in the same way you’ve joined the previous fingers, and join me back here next week to work the gusset and cuff.

If you have questions along the way, leave them in the comments below. I’ll be monitoring it and responding daily.

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2 thoughts on “Knit Along: Custom-Fitted Gloves Part 3”

  1. Hi Edie! So, when you say “graft” the stitches between the fingers, do I use the Kitchener Stitch?? TIA!

  2. Yes, you use Kitchener Stitch. It will only be on 1-4 sts, depending on your yarn and which fingers you are on.

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