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How to Crochet Y-Stitch

Y-stitchThere are more crochet stitch combinations than you can imagine, and clever crocheters keep coming up more all the time! Y-stitch is a versatile combination stitch that can be used in many ways. In the video below, I show you how to crochet Y-stitch.

Keep in mind that there are variations on this basic Y-stitch, so you may see it described a different way elsewhere—even in books that I have written! Always use the instructions given with a particular pattern, and make the stitch according to those instructions, for best results.

In my in-person workshop (You Want Me to) Put My Hook WHERE? we do this and many other interesting stitches that involve putting your hook in all kinds of odd places. Check out my Workshop Schedule to see if I’m teaching near you, or ask me to come teach to your group!

Here’s how to crochet Y-stitch.

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