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Knitting Pattern: Absaroka Poncho

Fall in love with this season-spanning wrap and the yarn it’s made of. The Absaroka Poncho, a knit poncho pattern, is easy enough for advanced beginning knitters. Better yet, when you’re ready to wear it, it can be styled several ways: worn over the shoulder as an asymmetric wrap, draped over the back neck to show off the striking colorwork, or left as a rectangular shawl to be worn over the shoulders.

The Construction

Absaroka Poncho cast-on edge
Knit two rectangular panels from the bottom up, and graft them together at the center. Sew the sides together, or use clasps or screw-in leather closures to create the poncho style.

And don’t stress over the need to graft the pieces together; there’s a video tutorial on How to Graft Knit Garter Stitch, as well as written instructions.

The Yarn

Absaroka Poncho Weaving in ends

I used Stitch Sprouts Yellowstone, a merino/silk blend that is absolutely delicious. The colors are wonderful, and it is a delight to knit with. I really didn’t want to stop knitting! You can use any sport- or dk-weight yarn, although something with a bit of wool will give you the drape you need for comfortable wear. 

The Knitting Pattern

Knit Absaroka Poncho worn assymetricly

My favorite stitch patterns are those that create a soothing rhythm, are easy to memorize, yet keep my interest. Lately I’ve been undergoing a bit of a ripple-stitch (chevron stitch) obsession, and every stitch pattern I’m drawn to has some kind of zig zag thing going on. This Zig-Zag Colors pattern fulfills all those criteria!

The contrasting colors highlight the garter stitch bands that separate the lace stripes. The stitch pattern instructions are presented as both text and chart.

CTA Buy the Pattern

Make It Yours

What colors will you use on your Absaroka Poncho? How will you wear it? Share your results with me on Facebook and Instagram!


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