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State Fair vs. Galloping Horse: What Type of Crafter Are You?

Title graphicWhen it comes to yarny fiber arts, I can be pretty easy going.  A few uneven knit stitches don’t drive me crazy, and I can deal with the occasional forgotten increase or decrease.

However, other missed details drive me crazy.  Cables that aren’t twisted consistently, off-center motifs, and fastened-off stitches with “ears” really push my buttons. Weaving that missed a warp thread gives me a headache.

Most of us have these little quirks. I think we stand somewhere on a continuum between obsessive attention to detail. and sloppy disregard for detail. I’ll use knitters as an example, but the following applies to any type of fiber artist.

The State Fair Knitter

grand prize ribbonThe winner of the grand prize for knitting at the Minnesota State Fair or (insert your own state here) State Fair probably pays attention to every tiny detail. The yarn is perfect for the project. Stitches are absolutely straight and even. Increases and decreases are done at precise intervals. The ends are woven in invisibly and securely. It’s flawlessly blocked and seamed. You get the idea: it’s perfect.

And congratulations and good for them! If that’s what floats your boat, go for it!

However, some of us (myself included) get stressed thinking about having to have every single detail perfect. We’d rather relax a bit, correct mistakes as we find them, and enjoy the knitting. We’ll frog as infrequently as possible while maintaining our own standards of quality, whatever those may be.

The Galloping Horse Knitter

galloping horseThis crafter is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Dropped stitches? That just allows for more airflow. Uneven stitches? They add texture and interest. Frogging? What’s that?

In other words, if it can’t be noticed by a blind man on a galloping horse at midnight, it’s good enough as it is.

If the process is more important to you than the finished project, and if you are happy with the results, then own it. There’s no judgement here. (However, I don’t suggest you enter the state fair. There are judges there.)

Where Are You?

Where do you stand on this continuum? Are there certain details that bother you every time? Or are you completely laid back about your crafting? Are there some days, or some projects, where the details matter a lot, and other times when they seem less important?

Is today a State Fair kind of day or a Galloping Horse kind of day?


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3 thoughts on “State Fair vs. Galloping Horse: What Type of Crafter Are You?”

  1. Hahaha. I love that “if it can’t be noticed by a blind man on a galloping horse at midnight, it’s good enough as it is” description. I consider myself a state fair knitter/crocheter and will rip everything that needs to be ripped out to fix a mistake…whatever the progress in a project. HOWever….there was one time when I was outdoors overlooking the bay, drinking wine, knitting, spending time with my family (with NO fights) and I kept making a mistake with one of my cables. I would fix it and then it would just reappear several rows after I thought it was fixed. I decided to just leave it. Now, whenever I see that little accidental turn of the stitches, it reminds me of where I was at the time, the beautiful view and an instant memory of a wonderful day.

  2. I guess I lean more to the state fair end of the spectrum…but not fully there. Except I will be entering my second Fair this fall (not a state fair, but close enough as far as I’m concerned)…so I will do my level best to make that as-yet-undetermined piece as perfect as I can manage!

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