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Fernandina Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

Fernandina Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

The Fernandina Beach Bag is a summer tote you can crochet yourself. Bright and breezy, it will carry your summer essentials in style.

A solid single crochet base worked in the round is topped by colorful mesh stripes. A bit of fringe adds whimsy­­—add more or less according to your taste.

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The Yarn

I used Universal Yarn Yashi, a 100% raffia tape. The raffia provides a bit of structure, but you may choose to line the bag with fabric, as well.

The bright colors are perfect for the summer, while the black hides any dirt on the handle and base of the bag.

Closeup of bag fabric

The Pattern

It’s easy crochet: you’ll use single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch.. There are no seams at all; it’s entirely one piece. Crocheters just beyond the beginner level should find this bag within their ability.

Text instructions and stitch pattern chart are provided, as well as a couple of assembly diagrams to aid in understanding. American crochet terminology is used throughout. 

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A Bonus

River Heights Shawl worn around shoulders

This bag pairs perfectly with my River Heights Shawl. Crochet both and wear the shawl over a little black dress for a perfect ensemble!

2 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach Bag Crochet Pattern”

  1. I noticed the name of the pattern has “Fernandina” in it. I live in Fernandina Beach, FL. Are you a local?

  2. I’m not in Florida but Fernandina Beach is a lovely spot! I was trying to think of a beachy, pleasant place name that hadn’t been used a lot, and Fernandina Beach won out.

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