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Crochet Pattern Round-Up: Unusual Techniques

Break out of your crochet rut and try a new technique! Skip the rows of double crochet and rounds of granny squares.

Find a technique that’s new to you with this collection of crochet projects that use unusual techniques.

4 thoughts on “Crochet Pattern Round-Up: Unusual Techniques”

  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I am ready to move beyond beginner projects and this has given me some good ideas.

  2. I would like to download some of your pdf’s but am not willing to load a new app (myway?) on my aging computer. Why don’t you use the system that just sends the pdf into my downloads?

  3. This post simply a round-up of designs from different designers, including me. Each designer has their own way of providing the pattern. My patterns are available as pdfs from Ravelry; you shouldn’t need an app. Once downloaded, they can be read by any pdf reader.

  4. I love round-up posts! I usually end up with more creative ideas that I have time for in my immediate future. Ti
    his post was especially good for reminding to use other tools in my toolbox like a large knitting needle for broomstick lace. Thank you!

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