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Announcing New Design Classes!

Whether you are a wanna-be designer or have been designing for years, I’ve got two new virtual classes that will make your design process so much easier. Combined with my existing roster of knit and crochet design classes, it’s like getting a major in designing skills.

Well-rounded knit and crochet designers need three related-but-separate skill sets: concept, execution, and communication. In this series of classes, I’ve got you covered on all three fronts.

Most of the classes listed below are live (synchronous) classes. That means you have to take them when they are offered! You get me, live, teaching just like we are in a classroom together. Register now, as I expect them to fill up fast!

Connecting Shapes-New!

Connecting Shapes

Looking for new ways to create fabric with yarn? Check out my in-depth virtual class Connecting Shapes: An Exploration of Crocheting and Joining Motifs of All Sorts. It’s January 9 and 10 for Stitches at Home.

We’ll be manipulating individual crocheted motifs of all shapes into a cohesive fabric. Explore the many and varied ways to connect crocheted units, from simple squares to multi-layered, multi-sided motifs. It’s a playful class that will spark your creativity as you play with stitch patterns, color, texture and shape.

Math for Knitters and Math for Crocheters

Math for Knitters and Crocheters

Want to know where designers get their numbers?

Learn the basic math concepts that every knitter and crocheter needs to know to create successful projects.

I’ll take some of the mystery out of calculations you might have to make when adapting patterns or designing your own projects.

This is the foundational knowledge you need for the next steps in designing your own projects. These are my most popular and longest-running classes, in virtual form. I strongly recommend that you take it before you take Sizing Basics.

Sizing Basics-New!

Sizing Basics for Crochet and Knit Designers

This is the one everyone has been asking me about! Are you frustrated using trial and error in your design process? Do you make the same item several times to get the sizing right? Are you ready to branch out and design in multiple sizes?

See how certain body measurements are the key to fit, and how to find these measurements for your target audience.

Sizing Basics involves a small amount of math, but is more about the process of determining sizing than about doing the calculations. You should be proficient with the basics of measuring gauge and calculating stitch counts.

Spreadsheet Savvy

Spreadsheet Savvy

Let your computer handle all the math calculations!

Combine your knowledge of math formulas and grading to create powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheets that will do the math for you, fast and accurately. Do the math for multiple sizes in the time it takes to do it for one size!

Spreadsheets may be the most powerful tool in the designer’s toolbox. You’ll be amazed at what they can do!
Let Spreadsheet Savvy help you begin to set up your own multi-use calculator that can save you hours of work!

Pattern Writing

How to Say It

Now that you have the concepts and execution aspects covered, it’s time to communicate your design instructions to your audience.

How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters is a classic Craftsy class that covers all you need to know about writing knitting patterns.

crochet pattern writing workshop colorful graphic

The virtual Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop is like a college course for crochet designers. You’ll read lessons, watch videos, and do assignments. You even get to join a private Slack channel to talk to your fellow students, ask questions, and correspond with your teacher!

The Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop is unique class geared toward crochet designers at all levels.

Check out my Knit & Crochet Design Resources page for more design classes and information.

Not sure which class(es) are for you? Ask in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Announcing New Design Classes!”

  1. Hi Edie,

    From using the pattern-creating software, to the end product, I want to learn more about creating patterns to sell. Where do you suggest I begin?


  2. It depends on what you know already, and what gaps you have in your knowledge. I don’t currently have a class in pattern-creating software, because I think designers should understand the math behind the concepts before relying on software.

    You probably want to start with Math for Knitters or Math for Crocheters.
    How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters and Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop will both go a long way toward helping you write better patterns, and ensure you get fewer customer complaints.

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