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The Tools I Use

Crocheters and Knitters use lots of tools (besides yarn). There are hooks and needles, ball holders, project bags, tool bags, and more. I get so many questions from customers and students about what tools I like and recommend, I figured it was time to share that information with everyone.

The following are tools I actually have, use and love, They are by no means the only ones out there! There are plenty of products that I’ve never used and that would be so awesome, if only I knew about them. Also, my preferences change over time. This list is a snapshot of what I’m using right now. I may discover a new product next week that will become my new favorite.

While this post contains some affiliate links which may pay me a small amount if you buy something through a link you click, that is not influencing my list. What is included here are items I have actually used in the past two weeks.

Knitting Needles

closeup view of two needles Hiya Hiya sharp needle tips

My current go-to needles are Hiya Hiya Sharp Circulars. They seem to fit the bill for the type of knitting I’ve been doing recently. I use circular needles for almost everything. For Magic Loop, I find the cables have just the right amount of flexibility for me, and I like the sharp points.

circular knitting needle with red cable and gold tips

I also like Addi Circular Lace Needles. They aren’t just for lace!

Recently I had to use a Clover bamboo circular for a project with slippery yarn, which required a “stickier” needle.

As you see, I use different needles for different types of projects.

Clover Takumi Straight Needles

Two straight bamboo knitting needles

For virtual teaching and videos, I tend to use shorter, straight needles. 10″ Clover bamboo straight needles or Brittany wooden needles are my choice here.

Crochet Hooks

Inline (Bates) or Rounded (Boye)? It’s the eternal debate for crocheters!

package of 6 crochet hooks in different colors Silvalume Crochet hooks from Susan Bates

I’ll admit to being strongly and 100% inline until the last few years. Shout out to my classic Susan Bates Silvalume hooks!

package of crochet hooks with different colored handles

What has surprised me is how much I adore my Clover Amour crochet hooks, which are not inline style.

It just goes to show that choosing hooks is a completely personal choice, and our preferences can change over time. I still love my classic Bates hooks, but Clover Amour is what I reach for whenever I can.

Small Notions

Clover bent-tip tapestry needles

Chibi bent-tip tapestry needles make it easy to weave in ends and sew seams.

blue handled metal scissors

I use whatever scissors are handy, but the Clover Patchwork 4-1/2-Inch Mini Scissors are really nice and sharp.

Photo of bookshelf filled with fiber arts reference books

There are never enough stitch markers! I love these cute little sheep stitch markers from Clover.

Bulb-style stitch markers
Bulb-style stitch markers are a type of coilless safety pin. They are inexpensive and come in a range of colors.

I also have a lot of these metal bulb-shaped markers, because I’m always losing stitch markers!

Yarn Swift and Ball Winder

Lacis Jumbo Ball Winder with accessories
A jumbo ball winder handles even the largest skeins of yarn.

In my opinion, these are must-have tools. I actually have two of each!

The yarn winder I use most often is an older version of the Lacis Jumbo Yarn Winder.

KnitPicks balls winder
The KnitPicks yarn winder is a popular option.

I gifted my husband his own winder from KnitPicks, so he can attach it to an end table and watch TV while winding yarn for me. Wasn’t that smart of me?

Umbrella Yarn swift
This umbrella-style swift packs away nicely.

The lightweight umbrella swift is the one I find most versatile, but my large wooden swift is so much prettier. It makes me happy to watch it in action.

Read How to Wind Yarn with a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder for more information on how to use these tools.

Yarn Bowls

5 "knitting fabric" yarn bowls with gradient caked yarn inside

Most of my yarn comes from a center-pull ball, so my need for a yarn bowl is somewhat limited. But they are so pretty I love to have them around!

three green raku yarn bowls in different sizes

My favorites are the “knitted” ceramic bowls from the clever Charan Sachar at Creative With Clay and the beautiful bowls by Pawley Studios.

Other Handy Tools I Use

rolling white metal cart with three tiers

You know that 3-tiered metal cart that you see everywhere? I have two different ones that I use to hold tools and projects. One is next to my spot on the sofa, with tools and notions on the top shelf, yarn and WIPs on the next two shelves.

The other is next to my desk, set up similarly, but rather than WIPs, I keep my “teaching yarn” there, and set it up with class samples each time I’m teaching a virtual class.

red kitchen scale

How much yarn will I need? Do I have enough? . Since I got this digital scale that measures to the nearest .1 grams, I’ve been much more confident in knowing how much yarn I really have.

pink light that hangs around the neck and shines out each end

This around-the-neck light is great for shining a spotlight on my work while watching TV.

package of 3 black Pentel Twist Erase 0.7 mechanical pencils

In some ways, I’m old school. I use a notebook and pencil to write down what I’m doing as I work. Yes, I have an iPad and a laptop, but I find I’m more like to write things down if I use a pencil and paper.

The Pentel Twist-Erase 0.7mm mechanical pencil is my hands-down favorite. I have one in every project bag, rolling cart, bag and writing surface.

black neckband earbuds

And finally, I don’t want to forget one of my most important tools: my LG neckband earbuds. I’ve had the same set of Bluetooth headphones for over five years, and used them almost daily (including at the gym). They are still going strong!

My particular model is no longer made, but this set looks similar to what I have, and based on reviews, it’s probably what I would buy to replace my current set.

What are your current favorite crafting tools? Share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Tools I Use”

  1. I bought the wiggly stitch markers but until you pointed it out I did not know they were sheep. I thought maybe the wiggles were functional.

    I use so many of these things regularly! Nice article.

  2. I have the ChiaGoo interchangable lace tips with the red cables. I find they don’t disconnect on me. I love Susan Bates crochet hooks and have been using them since I learned to crochet a long time ago. The Chibi needles – both bent and straight and the safety pin style stitch markers. I had the cart but my dd makes better use of it at college.

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