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12 Gifts for Knitters & Crocheters

12 Gifts for Knitters & Crocheters colorful drawings of gifts

Looking for a non-yarn gift for your favorite knitter or crocheter? Find gifts your favorite crafter will love in this round-up of fiberarts-related holiday gifts. If you are the crafter, bookmark this page and forward it to your family and friends as a not-so-subtle hint.

This post contains affiliate links, which may provide a small income to me if you buy something, but won’t cost you anything extra.

#1 Ball Winder

KnitPicks balls winder
The KnitPicks yarn winder is a popular option.

A yarn ball winder is a must-have for anybody who uses a lot of yarn in hanks. It winds the yarn into nice, center-pull cakes. No more balls rolling around on the floor picking up cat hair! The Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder is a good option for larger skeins of yarn; it’s what I use

Read How to Wind Yarn with a Yarn Swift and Ball Winder for more information.

Lacis Jumbo Ball Winder with accessories
A jumbo ball winder handles even the largest skeins of yarn.
Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder
This heavy duty ball winder is the only one you’ll ever need to buy. It’s excellent quality and stands up to heavy use.

#2 Yarn Swift

Yarn swifts work arm-in-arm (see what I did there?) to make holding skeins a snap.

#3 Blocking Mats, Pins & Wires

No one loves to spend the time blocking projects, but it’s an important step to finishing things off professionally. Make that job easier with the right tools!

Read How to Block Knitting and Crochet.

#4 Steamer

As long as you are getting the blocking wires, pins and mats, why not upgrade to a garment steamer? Save the iron for clothes. A garment steamer puts out a lot more steam.

#5 Needles and/or Hooks

It is not possible to have too many crochet hooks or knitting needles. The ones you need are often tied up with a work in progress, or hiding somewhere under a sofa cushion or in a project bag. A single luxury tool, or a whole new set of needles or hooks is always welcome.

The following are just a few options. There are as many styles and types of needles and hooks as there are yarn crafters. If you are buying for someone else, check first to see what their preferences are. The cheapest tools are often not the best quality. Crafters can have strong opinions about their tools!

See my full list of Needles and Hooks I Recommend in my Amazon shop.

#6 Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls can be either life-savers or simply a nice extra hand, depending on the crafter. Find them made by local artisans at your local craft fairs, or check out the following ones available online.

#7 Project Bag

Crafters can never have too many bags! From tiny tool bags to project bags to giant bags that hold everything you need for a two-week crafting vacation, you can’t beat a great bag.

[Note to family reading this post: The madder root sheep mini-trundle bag is my go-to sock project bag, but I would 100% love any of their other bags.]

#8 Clubs, Subscriptions, and Apps

There are subscriptions to everything these days. Buy a yarn box/kit subscription or a software services subscription. Your recipient will thank you all year long!

Read Navigating Knit Stitches with Stitch Maps and my knitCompanion review.

#9 Sheep-Related Items

This is probably my favorite category, because there are so many cute sheep things out there. And you don’t have to stick to sheep! Alpacas and Llamas are having their moment in the merchandising sun right now!

#10 Books

There’s a book or five on every crafter’s Wish List: books about techniques, books full of stitch patterns (called stitch dictionaries), books full of projects. Check out these popular favorites.

For more book recommendations, check out Knit: Basics & Beyond, Crochet: Basics & Beyond, and Knit & Crochet Design Resources.

#11 Yarn Storage

Where is all that stash being stored? If it’s in random boxes and bags, stuffed under beds and in drawers, maybe it’s time to organize. Whether the yarn goes into plastic tubs or fancy shelving units, having it organized will bring joy and perhaps allow you to know what you have.

#12 LYS Gift Certificate

If you’re still not sure about what to get, buy a gift certificate from your local yarn shop (LYS). Local yarn shops are the heart and soul of our yarn world, and we want to support them with our love and money, so they will continue to be there for us. And if you don’t have a LYS, a gift certificate from an online retailer like WEBS, Jimmy Beans, KnitPicks or WeCrochet will work, too!

Have I missed anything? If you have ideas for other gifts for knitters and crocheters, please share them in the comments.

Read Stocking Stuffers for Knitters and Crocheters for more ideas.

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12 Gifts for Knitters & Crocheters colorful drawings of gifts