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About Edie

Many years ago, I co-owned a yarn shop. No one told me that yarn shop owners don’t actually get time to crochet or knit, so after a few years we closed the shop and I turned to designing and teaching. I love to knit and to crochet (and weave and sew). I serve as a Knit-Crochet Diplomat, easing the schism that can exist between those two disciplines.

My goal is to make every yarn crafter feel comfortable and confident in their skills. Whether you are a beginner learning techniques, or a professional trying to improve your pattern-writing skills, I have something to offer.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

 As a freelancer, I do a lot of different things:

Self-publish crochet and knitting patterns
Write books and articles on knitting and crochet
Teach virtually and (pre-COVID, at conventions, shops and guilds nationwide)
Teach online at and
Design for yarn companies
Edit fiber arts books
Tech edit for knitting and crochet patterns
Work as a Master Teacher for the Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructors Program

My books in print:

More details:

My designs have appeared in a number of well-known magazines. I have taught in person and virtually at Stitches events, Vogue Knitting Live, New York State Sheep & Wool Festival (Rhinebeck), Fall Fiber Festival (Montpelier), and other national venues. 
Pre-Covid, I traveled extensively to teach both knitting and crochet.

What can I do to help you enjoy your crafting? Contact me and let me know!

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