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Affiliate Partners Program

Edie’s Affiliate Partners Program is a way for both of us to benefit when you drive customers to my website and they buy a class from me. You’ll get money, the customer learns something new, and I’ll sell more classes!

Here’s how it works:

Apply here to become an affiliate.

Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to your affiliate dashboard. In the dashboard, you’ll find text links, banner photos, and social media photos you can use to help promote my classes. I’ll be adding additional assets and classes as the program continues. (I’m just getting started.)

You use those special links to promote my classes on your social media, website, newsletters and wherever else you talk to your followers. Note that you must abide by all applicable FTC disclosure rules when you do this!

When one of your followers uses your affiliate link, a cookie (a tiny piece of code with identifying information) will be placed on their browser, so my website knows where that traffic came from. If the person buys a class through that link within the next 30 days, you’ll receive 5% of the first sale for that customer.

You’ll be able to login to access your affiliate dashboard and see how many sales you’ve gotten credit for, and when to expect your payment.

More details:
30-day cookie
5% commission paid on first sale
Payments sent via PayPal monthly (with a 1-month lag)
Must reach $5 balance before payout
Self-referral not allowed