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Edie’s Affiliate Partners Program

Edie’s Affiliate Partners Program is a way for both of us to benefit when you drive customers to my website and they buy a class from me. You’ll get money, the customer learns something new, and I’ll sell more classes!

Please bear with me as I learn, as I’m new to running my own affiliate program and I have to figure it out as I go. Here are the details, as of March 2023.

How does it work?

Apply to be an affiliate. Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to your affiliate dashboard. There you’ll find links you can use to help promote my classes. Look for a welcome email directly from me that will include additional social media graphics to make it easier for you to spread the word.

You use those special links to promote my classes on your social media, website, newsletters and wherever else you talk to your followers. Note that you must abide by all applicable FTC disclosure rules when you do this!

When one of your followers uses your affiliate link, a cookie (a tiny piece of code with identifying information) will be placed on their browser, so my website knows where that traffic came from. If the person buys a class through that link within the next 30 days, you’ll receive 5% of the first sale for that customer.

The exception would be in the rare event that a refund is made; no partner fees are paid on refunded classes.

Who can be an affiliate?

The affiliate program is by invitation only, to U.S. residents only.
If you have received an invitation, click on the button below to apply.
If you would like to be considered, or would like to recommend someone to be considered, please contact me using the form below.

How hard is this?

I know how annoying it can be to have to navigate all the rules and find ways to promote things, so I’m (hopefully) going to make it easy for you. There’s a Google Drive with assets for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories, for each of the items that qualify. Each product has several options for you to choose from. Each time I add a class, I’ll make sure there are assets you can grab to help in your promotion.

In addition, from time to time I’ll send out an affiliate newsletter letting you know of any new or upcoming things you might want to promote. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you!

What products qualify?

My self-hosted workshops and courses are included in the program. These include such classes as:

At any one time, the exact classes and courses being offered may change. From time to time, you will get an email from me with updates on classes being added to the schedule.

Classes sponsored by others and digital patterns are not included.

Self-referral is not allowed.

How do I get paid?

Payouts will be made monthly about the 5th day of the month, with a month’s lag time. In other words, if you earn an affiliate commission on April 15, you’ll receive your payment about June 5. This is to ensure that no refund has been made to the customer.

Payment will be made to your Paypal account; please provide that information when signing up. You will also be asked to submit a completed W-9 form before your first payment. Any balances under $2 will be rolled over to the next pay period.

Payhip Affiliate How-To

If you have a Payhip account already, you may have to create a new account with different credentials for the affiliate program. You may want to do this using this very cool Gmail feature that allows you to have almost unlimited emails without starting a new account.

Free free to email me if you have trouble getting set up.

Apply Here


  • 5% commission paid for class sales made using affiliate link
  • Payments sent via PayPal monthly (with a 1-month lag)
  • Must reach $2 balance before payout
  • Self-referral not allowed
  • U.S. affiliates only
  • W-9 required
  • Affiliate program begins March 1, 2023


If I haven’t answered your questions here, that’s my fault. Send me an email and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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