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The Crochet Answer Book errata

As they say “We’re all human, and we all make mistakes.” I’m not sure why human=mistakes. Don’t dogs ever make mistakes? You’d think so. Anyway, despite careful pattern-writing on my part and hopefully careful editing on the part of others, mistakes do make it into patterns.The following corrections are for the mistakes I know about.

If you find one not listed here, please email me and let me know about it, so I can do everything I can to fix the problem! You can find errata for books published by Storey Publishing. The errors listed below are for the first printing of the books. In many cases, these errors have been corrected in subsequent printings, so depending on when you bought your book, the error may not be there at all.

The Crochet Answer Book-First Edition

On. p. 77, in the first diagram for single crochet, the arrow is not correct.

In the first printing, on p. 88, the captions were switched on the illustrations. This was heart-breaking to me, because in my opinion it is the most important illustration in the whole book, and it was correct in EVERY SINGLE proof I saw. It got switched at the printer. ARGH! (Second and subsequent printings have been corrected, so your p. 88 may be OK.)

The corrected pages for both errors are here.