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Chart It!

Stitch Charting Software

These are the stitch charting programs I know of, in no particular order. If you know of others, please share them with me.

Stitch & Motif Maker

Intwined Studio

Stitch Painter

Knit Visualizer

Vector-based drawing programs

Adobe Illustrator


Knitting Fonts

Aire River Knitting Font

Stitch Mastery

Knitter’s Symbols Fonts


Knitting graph paper

Knit on the Net

Actual size graph paper

2 thoughts on “Chart It!”

  1. (Apologies if I just sent this twice)

    I strongly recommend for knitting patterns.

    It’s free to use and allows you to turn “k1, p2” into a really intuitive visual chart that’s reminiscent of a crochet chart.

    It’s meant for lace patterns but I’ve used it extensively to chart out custom adjustments to garments as I prefer knitting from charts, and charting helps me sanity check my adjustments look about right, before I start knitting.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for all the fantastic books!

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