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Crochet Confidence

Thanks for taking Crochet Confidence! I hope you enjoyed the class and are now more confident following patterns and thinking through problems.

If you need a refresher for some of the things we talked about in class, you may want to check out the following affiliate links:

Crochet Answer Book 2nd EditionThe Crochet Answer Book is a handy size to keep in your tool bag, and it includes everything we talked about in class.

On Creativebug, I have a free class on How to Read a Crochet Pattern. And you can crochet along with me as we make a Crocheted Summer Bag or Baby Blanket. I’ll take you step-by-step through the process:



 I’ll look forward to seeing you again in another class!

Stitches Midwest 2016:
 Take a look at Moogly’s video on the chainless double crochet (to take the place of a ch-3 turning chain). She also had a video on the Magic Ring/Magic Loop technique. I usually use a variation on the Magic Ring/Loop, which I cover in any  classes online. Somebody mentioned using highlighter tape to help keep track of where you are in a pattern. It’s available from your local yarn shop or online. I found a package of 6 on Amazon, which seems like a pretty good deal.

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