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Class Notes: Eye-Catching Edgings

This page contains some affiliate links, which help support my day job but don’t cost you anything extra.

Thanks for taking Eye-Catching Edgings for Cloth! I hope you left class with lots of ideas of ways to embellish garments, home dec, and anything made of cloth fabric.

Here’s a list of resources that will help you explore the topic more deeply.

Of course I’m going to start with my two crocheted border books, which give you over 250 crocheted edgings to choose from. Click on the images  below to learn more about them on their Amazon pages. Every Which Way Crochet Borders, in particular, includes a lot of the information we talked about in class.

Around the Corner Crochet BordersEvery Which Way Crochet Borders

The Edgit Piercing Crochet Hook is what I use for poking into tightly-woven fabric.

I use a rotary skip blade to make holes in fleece fabric. There are several brands on Amazon; I don’t have any specific recommendations on which would be best.

Also, I’ve inquired with Fiskers and other manufacturers to see if I can find blades with varying lengths of “skip” but so far I haven’t found anyone who manufactures them.

Vintage Touches ApronThe Vintage Touches Apron that I had in class can be found on Episode #109 of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell. Go to that episode page to download the pattern and watch the free video for more how-to’s.