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Five Fun Fabrics or Four Fun Fabrics

colorful swatch showing five unusual stitch patterns

Thanks for taking Five Fun Fabrics (or Four Fun Fabrics). I hope you did indeed have fun!

The Patches Christmas Stocking uses the Flap Stitch and is available for free online.

The Susan Bates Open End Cable Stitch Holder is my preferred cable needle for creating the Cluster Stitch.

Blue and red hat on blonde woman-Blueberry Slush Hat

My Blueberry Slush Hat pattern uses the Cluster Stitch using a contrasting color. The video tutorial for that stitch is below.

white dress form with a teal boomerang shawl embellished with colorful tabs

My Wyvern Tail Shawl uses the Flap Stitch in a creative way. How many ways can you think of to add flaps to it? You can read more about the pattern (and wyverns) on my blog,

As I find (or design) other patterns using these stitches, I’ll add them to this class notes page.

Ideas of How to Use These Stitches

Student Rita S. plans to use these stitches to decorate the twiddlemuffs she makes for dementia patients. What a great idea!

You can read more about twiddlemuffs, fidget quilts and other items for dementia patients in these articles:
Fidget Sleeves Reduce Stress for Dementia Patients—And You Can Help
Twiddle Muffs: A Sensory Tool for People with Dementia
How to Make a Fidget Quilt

Cluster Wrap Knitting Stitch Pattern

WEBS Virtual Fall Retreat 2020 students will want to correct the Little Flowers Pattern as follows:

It should be a multiple of 4 + 7.
Row 12 should end “…rep from * to last 3 sts, k3.”

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