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(You Want Me to) Put My Hook WHERE?

Thanks for taking (You Want Me to) Put My Hook WHERE? ! I hope you left class with the confidence that you can put stitches just about anywhere you want to!

Swatch photos of each of the samples from class are shown below.

I’m in the process of making videos for some of these stitches. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch them all and to be notified when new ones are released. So far, you can see the following:

How to Single Crochet in Back Loop Only

How to Crochet Tower Stitches

How to Crochet Y-Stitch

How to Work Crossed Double Crochets (3 Ways)

Linked Treble Crochet

Crochet in Rows Below

How to Work Front Post & Back Post Double Crochet

How to Crochet 3-D Stripes