Textured Treats Stitch Workshop

Thanks for taking Textured Treats Stitch Workshop! I hope you enjoyed the class.

Here is the Stitch Map version of the Garland Stitch.

Looking for stitch dictionaries with even more textured patterns? Check out my Knit & Crochet Design Resources Page, which has a long list of stitch dictionaries chock-full of textured patterns.

I’ll look forward to seeing you again in another class!


Stitches Midwest 2017: You can find a couple of extra stitch patterns here.

Stitches West 2016: My most humble apologies for the errors on page 4 of the handout! A few of you had left class when we found an additional one, but I’ve fixed them all and have included a new copy of page 4.

Click here to download the corrected page 4.





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