Understanding Symbol Crochet

Thanks for taking Understanding Symbol Crochet! I hope you enjoyed the class and left with the confidence to tackle any charted crochet pattern.

The charts you saw in class, as projects:

You can find Duplet (Russian/Ukrainian magazine) sold here.

Take a look at my free Creativebug how-to class on How to Read a Crochet Pattern (both text and chart). My crochet books contain charts along with text.

Crochet Basics & Beyond includes a lot of good resources for better understanding symbol crochet.

My Knit & Crochet Design Resources page has a long list of stitch dictionaries, both knit and crochet. All of the Japanese books are fully charted.

If you are interested in the challenge of creating crochet stitch charts, read In Search of Crochet Charting Software.