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Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop

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crochet pattern writing workshop self-paced course

If you are a crochet designer, blogger, teacher, technical editor, or design student, this is the course for you!

In the Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop you will:

  • Delve into the instruction-writing process for crochet designs;
  • Identify your audience;
  • Learn to avoid common errors;
  • Develop a style sheet and pattern template to streamline the writing process;
  • Start to communicate clearly, concisely, and consistently;
  • Understand why chunking is important;
  • Collect resources to enhance your knowledge;
  • Create a more efficient workflow for designing and writing patterns.

Note that this is not a “how to design” class. You won’t be learning to design a project. You won’t be doing math. You will be learning how to communicate your design ideas so that others can follow your instructions.

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The self-paced 18-lesson course includes downloadable worksheets and resources. It provides examples for you to practice real-world pattern writing. Video tutorials and links to design resources provide targeted learning.

Besides getting access to all the workshop lessons and resources, you’ll be invited to join a private Slack group. In this group, you’ll be able to ask questions and solicit opinions from your fellow students. Edie will be dropping in from time to time to answer questions and offer special deals to current and former students.

The cost of the workshop is equivalent to what you would pay for a 3-hour in-person class at a big conference, but you’ll get so much more with this virtual class.

This virtual workshop allows you to:

  • Follow your own timetable;
  • Avoid travel and hotel expenses;
  • Study in your pj’s;
  • Complete practice problems, then check them against Edie’s “answers”;
  • Revisit lessons;
  • Ask questions when they occur to you (in the Slack group).

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Praise from Students

Edie Eckman’s courses in pattern writing have helped me organize not only my thoughts, but also my files. I’m more conscientious about using standard terms and phrases for every pattern so that my brand is consistent. Her tips for keeping my digital files in order have reduced the amount of time I search for my notes and photos. The video workshop has excellent worksheets; be prepared to do your homework though. All the steps are designed to teach you something you might not have thought of before. The worksheets make a handy resource as well.

Anna M.

I loved this course and use Edie’s tips all the time in my tech editing and in the patterns I’m beginning to write. So many times when I run into a question particularly on wording, I think, “What would Edie do?” I refer back to this class and find information that helps me make a decision. Well worth the price.

Amy D.

I knew I needed to take my pattern writing skills to the next level. I was ecstatic when I found out about Edie’s pattern writing workshop because I knew the course would help me to write those challenging patterns that I have dreamed up but was not able to get to print. I know that Edie is one of the best teachers/designers in the biz and that her pattern writing workshop would be the real deal! Edie’s workshop gets straight to the point. With Edie’s workshop, you will learn the proper, technical way to write a crochet pattern worthy of a magazine publication, how to avoid common mistakes, how to write those tricky/advanced patterns you’ve been dreaming up! If you’re serious about writing crochet patterns, you need this course!

Liz S.