Knit: Basics & Beyond

There are perhaps hundreds of places to find learn-to-knit books and videos. Just do a Google search for “Learn to Knit”, and you’ll find plenty! However, the results can be overwhelming. Where do you go to find good quality written materials and videos for learning to knit, or for learning new skills?  Here are some recommendations.

I’ll start with the basics and then move on. There’s a lot of information here, so keep reading!

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The Knitting Answer Book cover

The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe is in its 2nd edition, and while it is not specifically a learn-to-knit book, it does answer many of the questions you’ll come across as you learn new skills.

You can find good free how-to information from various websites. I’ll  start with a few of the videos I’ve made for YouTube and Creativebug:

Avoid Bumps on the Cast-On Edge blog post and video

Crochet Cast-On

Long Tail Cast-On for Right-Handed Knitters

Long Tail Cast-On for Left-Handed Knitters

How to Graft Garter Stitch

How to Measure Gauge in Garter Stitch

Lifted Increase

Magic Loop Knitting

How to Work Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting

Picking Up Stitches Along a Curved Edge

Intarsia Knitting

How to Knit Short Rows

Cabled Afghan Knit Along
Learn to knit all kinds of cables with my free Creativebug class!

Both and have TONS of helpful videos, whatever your skill level. Let me recommend just a few that will help you with basic skills:

Essential Skills for Sweater Knitting with Anne Hanson on Craftsy

Beyond the Basics

Once you’ve mastered the essentials, you’ll want to move on to refine your techniques a bit.

These books are great:

Here’s a great article about the importance of grist in yarn substitution.

And, of course, there are literally thousands of videos on all kinds of knitting topics. Here are some of the ones I teach on Creativebug: