Crochet Pattern: Crimson Cowl

Crimson Cowl Universal Yarn designed by Edie Eckman

Get ready for the cooler days of fall with my newest design for Universal Yarn: the Crimson Cowl. The cowl is shaped to drape gently around the neck and to sit lovingly over the shoulders.

The Yarn

Fine Weight Yarn-2 Craft Yarn Council

Fibra Natura’s Cashmere Lusso from Universal Yarn is a luxurious blend of virgin cashmere and recycled cashmere. You can feel good about using yarn with recycled fiber, and the yarn feels great against the skin.

Cashmere yarn is lightweight but warm, and is lovely to crochet with.


You’ll need just a single skein in either this beautiful Anthurium color or one of the other on-trend colors available.


The Pattern

Crimson Cowl  designed by Edie Eckman for Universal Yarn

There are no tricky stitches here. Just chains, single and double crochets worked in the round and fanning out to create a lovely drape from the neck down. Use a size H-8 (5 mm) hook or whatever size you need to get gauge.

The pattern for the Crimson Cowl is free at Universal Yarn’s website. The pattern is both written and charted.


Get the Pattern

Other Projects

For other small crochet projects to keep your neck and shoulders warm, check out these patterns. Hint: They all have text AND charted instructions.

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Fun New Stuff from the TNNA Show

Welcome to TNNA 2018 banner

Welcome to TNNA 2018 bannerLast weekend Cleveland, Ohio hosted The National Needlearts Association trade show. The TNNA annual summer show is where yarn companies, yarn stores, designers and others meet to find out about new products and do some awesome networking. This year was no exception.

Cleveland was a new venue for the show, and a surprisingly nice one. The convention center was sparkly and new, and just downstairs from my hotel. I had a lovely view of Lake Erie from my hotel room. (True Confession: I need to work on my geography. I had to look it up because I wasn’t entirely positive which Lake that was.)

Even better, I found a lot of cool products to share with you. You may find some of these appearing at a local yarn store near you. And if they don’t, tell your LYSO (local yarn shop owner) about them so they can get them in.

Some of the following contain affiliate links, which don’t cost you anything, but help support this site.

Lay Flat to Dry graphic from KnitBaahPurl

Knitbaahpurl has a line of awesome sheepy products. You may have seen their “Lay Flat to Dry” t-shirts, but what about a “Three Sheeps to the Wind” stemless wine glass, or a “Sheep Wrecked” mug? You can see—and buy—everything online, as well as at your local store.

Sheep Happens T-shirts worn by Edie and a friend

I was not the only person wearing one of their “Sheep Happens” shirts at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. We both got compliments and questions about where to get your own. Now you know!

Edward's Managerie animal kitsSpeaking of sheepy, the UK company Toft has adorable crochet amigurumi kits from Edward’s Menagerie. These things are killer cute—and not just for kids. They are a great way to encourage new crocheters, and you’re sure to find your favorite animal. I’m pretty sure one of these is going to end up in my sheep collection. Check them out on Instagram at #edsanimals.

And if you love the animals and don’t need the kits, take a look at the book Edward’s Menagerie and other books by designer Kerry Lord, like Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium (for mix-and-match monsters) and Edward’s Menagerie: Dogs.

Clothezure Clothezure Fanfare Buttonsolves the problem of tricky shawl pins in a fun and fashionable way. For years, I’ve made my own shawl “buttons” by sewing a shank between a fancy button and a plain one, but Clothezure takes it one step further. Attractive decorative buttons are fitted with either a magnet or toggle-and-bungee system, to allow shawls and other garments to stay closed securely without having to pierce holes in the fabric. (It’s hard to explain, but it works.) They are currently available at a select number of shops, and I have it on good authority that there will soon be an online store which will feature one-of-a-kind designs made from estate jewelry and vintage buttons. I think shawl wearers are definitely going to want more than one of these.

Shellican Stitch Marker PinsShellican has oh-so-cute pins and notions for crafters. I was particularly taken with the enamel stitch marker pins, but there were really too many cute ones to name. Support your local economy by buying local.

Alpaca My Bag Swet Bag by Gleener“Alpaca My Bag” Swet Bag is a cute washable wet/dry bag from Gleener. (It took me a second—say it out loud.) The bag comes in two sizes and is perfect for gym clothes, dirty laundry, a diaper bag. Or for keeping your knitting and crochet projects away from your stinky workout clothes!

Oh, and there was yarn! Lots and lots of yarn! I’ve got several projects in the works, and got yarn for all of them. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be knitting and crocheting up a storm.

Madder Root Temporary TattoosCan you add a P.S. to a blog post? While we’re on the topic of cool products, I want to give a shout-out to Madder Root, who I met (and spent a lot of money with) at Maryland Sheep and Wool. They have awesomely attractive knitting bags and t-shirts, as well as temporary knitting tattoos! Next show, I’m going to be all inked-up. Temporarily of course.