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Tech Editing for Knitting and Crochet

Technical editing (tech editing) is a crucial step in turning out high-quality knitting and crochet patterns.

I consider tech editing as a collaboration between the editor and designer. We both want to make patterns as clear as possible to the greatest number of crafters possible, while keeping in mind a designer’s target audience. My goal is to maintain the designer’s voice and style while ensuring that instructions are correct, clear, consistent, and concise.

Often tech editors serve as coaches, teachers, and mentors, enhancing the designer’s communication skills.

Tech Editing Services

Complex crochet symbol diagram showing shawl assembly and closeup of stitch symbol detail-one tech edit service that I offer

I offer the following services on an hourly basis:

  • Instruction writing
  • Technical editing
  • Schematic and chart preparation (both knit & crochet) in ready-to-print format (.eps, .pdf, etc.)
  • Developmental and content editing for publishers
  • Basic layout in Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher

I also provide consulting, project management and design services through my Ask Me Anything appointments.


Tech Editing Fees

I charge $50/hr for knitting and crochet technical editing and chart and schematic illustration. I keep very careful time records by using an online timer, including during any phone consultations. Of course, I wouldn’t be charging you at the beginning while we negotiate the work! I can provide time sheets if necessary.


My availability to take on new clients or projects varies. Contact me using the form below and I’ll be back in touch quickly to discuss the work and timeline. If you contact me prior to needing the work done “now”, chances are better that I can fit you into my schedule.

Tech Edit Workflow

schematic of a top-down in the round sweater-one tech edit service that I offer

Here’s a typical work flow:

  • You contact me asking about availability and giving a brief outline of what you need me to edit.
  • I respond via email with details about my availability and how I work. Most contact will take place via email, with occasional voice or video calls as needed.
  • We decide on the scope of what I would be doing for you and a timeline for next steps (see Working With a Tech Editor).
  • You email me the pattern instructions in Word or pdf format, including charts and schematics, and either the finished items or excellent close-up pictures of the items. For a larger project, such as a book, we might agree to break it down into sections, or you might send me the whole thing at once.
  • You send me your style sheet if you have one.
  • I save the file as FILENAME_ee1, then do the tech edits and return edited files to you. In order for you to see my changes, I will leave on “track changes” in Word documents and will “comment” on, rather than “edit”, pdfs. Usually these files will have queries for you to respond to.
  • You save the document as a FILENAME_ee1_yourinitials1, respond to the queries, and return the file to me.
  • I save the file as FILENAME_ee2_yourinitials1, and accept changes, make additional edits if necessary, and return the file to you.
  • If additional back-and-forth is necessary, we will continue to use the same file with incremental numbering as established. Note that you should not send an entirely new file each time; this requires that I start the edit over again as I won’t know what has been changed.
  • Once the pattern is finalized, I send you an invoice due upon receipt. I accept payment in USD via check or Zelle (preferred) or via PayPal.


desk top showing glasses, a corner of a computer keyboard, paper and pencils

With over 30 years of experience in the fiber arts industry, I have a wealth of knowledge regarding pattern writing and publishing for crochet and knitting. Besides writing a number of best-selling books, and thus working with a variety of professionals from the designer/author side, I have worked as an editor with large magazine and book publishers, established and prolific self-published designers, and designers just starting out.

Current clients include Kate Oates, Ira Rott, and Purl Soho, Additional references available upon request.

Next Steps

Save yourself time and money by making sure your pattern is as complete and accurate as possible. Hire a tech editor!

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    Additional Resources

    If you need help with pattern writing, take my online courses Crochet Pattern Writing Workshop and/or How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters. From time to time I also teach classes that will help you in your design or tech editing career. Check out all my design-related workshops below.